How to lose belly fat and get abs! BETTER RESULTS FAST!!

How to lose belly fat and get abs??

It might not be easy but it’s totally doable! It’s up to your state of mind and efforts to see the results that you’ve been wanting! 😀

I mean who doesn’t want or like to have sexy flat abs??

Humans are very attracted to physical traits and it is our right to feel and look attractive as well. Of course, inner beauty still shines and is more important than physical attributes. Whether it be physical or inner beauty, don’t neglect both because they contribute to maximum health and wellness.


Sexy, flat, toned abs are the way to go…

cowgirl sexy abs
Want to impress your crush or guys that you want attention from?? Haha! I don’t know about you but I like it when I get overlong gazes from the guy that I like or find attractive.


excited emoticon

When you hear the words losing belly fat? What important words come into mind??


I think you know very well what they are…








You know what these are and yet you still struggle to fulfill and include these in your routine. If you’re one of those people who WANT SOMETHING BADLY but can’t get themselves to finish or start what they want to accomplish, then maybe you should ask yourself these questions in my How to Stay Motivated page. You have to be in the proper mindset to have what you’ve been desiring!


So let’s get on to it, shall we!


You actually have the ab muscles already but they’re hiding behind the fat. Unless you get lean or lose the extra body fat, you won’t see the results.


Eat Protein. Eating protein helps you build muscle and burn fat. It’s also a great long-term strategy when you want to lose belly fat. Protein has been shown to reduce cravings by 60%, boost metabolism by 80-100 calories per day, and help you eat up to 441 fewer calories per day. E.g. beans, poultry, dairy, eggs, seafood, beef, pork, soy, etc. Opt for lean beef and pork cuts because these have less harmful fats and it will help you get the needed protein while not having to add more to your belly bulge.

healthy food, steak, potatoes and salad

Eat Healthy Carbs. By healthy carbs, I mean resistant starch which helps you eat less, burn more calories, feel more energized and less stressed, and lower cholesterol. Contrary to popular belief, researchers found out that the odds of you getting and staying slim are best when carbs make up to 64% of your total daily caloric intake, or 361 grams. E.g. barley, acorn squash, whole wheat pasta, legumes, black beans, oatmeal, quinoa, etc. EAT THESE AND YOU WILL STAY FUELED AND BURN FAT ALL DAY LONG WITHOUT SACRIFICING MUCH.

whole wheat pasta, goat cheese
Eat Healthy Fats <—- Click to learn more!

Important: Try eating smaller meals and eating slower. After 20 minutes of eating, your stomach lets your brain know that it’s full.

Make sure to eat enough food and don’t starve yourself. Eating enough food will keep you from experiencing hormonal imbalances.  Depriving yourself of food will slow down the release of the fat-burning hormone leptin in the body.


WATER is one of the most beneficial things to include in any healthy plan. Our bodies are made up of 70% water and it’s integral in all of our body’s metabolic processes and survival. Aim for 6 to 8 glasses of water a day!

If water is a little boring for you or if you have a hard time drinking the ideal amount. Try these recipes:

Lemon water
This cleansing drink will help burn belly fat faster. To make it, squeeze out one lemon to a glass of warm water. Drink it first thing in the morning.

lemon mint water

Lemon, cucumber, mint water

For your fix try this:
3 quarts or 12 cups of water
2 lemons, thinly sliced
1/2 cucumber, sliced
10 mint leaves

Make sure to wash the lemons and cucumber thoroughly before slicing. Add the slices and mint leaves to a pitcher then add the water. Refrigerate it for at least 4 hours or overnight! The flavor is stronger when drunk the next day. This tastes best when drank the same day or the day after. 🙂 This is really refreshing and will help you stay consistent and motivated!

Make sure to use a straw when drinking real lemon-infused drinks as the lemon juice is very acidic and can damage your tooth enamel.

You can also try a combination of any of these to add to your water:
cantaloupe-infused water
tomato-celery-bell pepper

The combinations are endless and you can customize the amount of each ingredient to however you like. Use vegetables, fruits or herbs for these! DELISH AND VERY REFRESHING!!

fruit, vegetable-infused water

Remember to try to stay away from carbonated beverages and powdered fruit juices as they contain empty calories that increase belly fat. They contain loads of sugar which come in the form of high fructose corn syrup or other additives. Your body has a hard time burning this type of sugar so over consumption of these beverages can make you obese especially if eaten with junk foods. You might think drinking diet sodas are better but they contain artificial sweeteners which are bad for you. Drinking pure water or water infused with fruits is healthier!

Caffeine as in the case of  green tea and coffee has fat-burning qualities that helps in losing the empty calories over a period of time. The caffeine in just one cup of coffee can boost calorie burning by 4% over the course of two and a half hours. But as in everything else, moderation is the key. 🙂


Exercise <—- Click! 🙂
When done right, this is really impactful in achieving a tight stomach and perfect abs. Of course, you can also incorporate yoga with your fitness routine.

Be active and get fresh air! Jogging or walking first thing in the morning is very beneficial to your health and in losing the extra belly pooch. These exercises help deliver oxygen to your brain and sleepy muscles, and boost your metabolism. By the time you eat your breakfast, you’ll burn calories faster! Ideally, you should jog or walk for 30 to 60 minutes if you want to realize your fitness goals.

Try doing a HIIT workout (High-intensity interval training)

This is a form of exercise in which you perform short periods of high intensity anaerobic exercise  with less intense recovery periods. This is one of the most effective exercises and you only need to do it for 30 to 60 minutes a day and as short as 15 minutes will do.

For instance, start jogging as fast as you can in the treadmill for 10 seconds followed by 12 seconds of slower, steadier jogging (rest period). Do as many repetitions within 1 to 3 minutes. After that you can do a belly HIIT workout such as mountain climber.

Remember, it’s hard to do spot/targeted exercises. You’ll always be bound to lose overall body fat in a lot of exercises.

exercise at Maderas, Nicaragua

LIMIT STRESS <—- Click to learn more! 🙂

Stressful thoughts cause your body to activate certain pathways that cause weight gain and insulin resistance. The more you think that you’re fat or you’re thin, the more that you’ll become and there’s a science behind it.

Remember that some stressors are imaginaryIt’s very different when you’re in an emergency situation and when you think that you’re gonna perform bad in a test or exam.

Cortisol is an adrenal gland which is vital for survival. It makes you hear better, see better, move faster, reduce inflammation and assist with memory formulation. So in turn, it can shut down digestion and slow metabolism.

It’s ok if we stimulate cortisol for a short period of time but if prolonged, high cortisol levels can cause increased belly fat, high blood pressure, mood swings and depression, blood sugar imbalances, poor sleep and poor thyroid function.

work stress

Try doing deep breaths everyday. 🙂

This is good to boost the intake of oxygen and is great to burn calories to lose belly fat and get abs. PLUS!! This is great in reducing stress!

To do this, sit up straight in your couch or with your back against a wall if possible and do deep breaths for 2 minutes. Inhale for three seconds while lifting yours arms above your head then breathe out while tensing your ab muscles for five to 6 seconds.

*Make sure you’re comfortable, and stop and sit down (when standing up) if you feel like you’re gonna faint.

breathing clean open air

According to Jill Johnson, the creator of this technique, deep breathing is the key to lose weight. She explained to Oddity Central:

“Fat is made up of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. When the oxygen we breathe reaches these fat molecules, it breaks them down into carbon dioxide and water. The blood then picks up the carbon dioxide – a waste product of our bodies – and returns it to the lungs to be exhaled. Therefore the more oxygen our bodies use, the more fat we will burn.”

You can do this when you feel bored or not doing anything, or if you’re going somewhere to pick up laundry or when you’re stuck in traffic or travelling. Don’t do this tho when you’re driving to ensure safety and maintain focus on the road. STOP when you feel signs of fainting especially when you’re doing this while walking.


Try to go out more and breathe fresh air! Stop being a homebody! Going out will give you more energy and lead to increased productivity and LIFE. THEREFORE, MORE CALORIES BURNED!! It will also lead to more adventures and excitement! Try to explore and be adventurous! Go out of your comfort zone!

This doesn’t mean going out every single moment and spending money. It’s still nice to find time to relax and be comfortable in your own home. Balance home activities and going outside, meeting friends and family, shopping, exploring, etc. Mingling with the right people will also lead to the right lifestyle and mentality! 🙂

Oia, Santorini, Greece sunset


Sleep is very important in maintaining good health. It is intricately connected to various hormonal and metabolic processes in the body and is important in maintaining metabolic homeostasis or balance. The less sleep you get, the less stressed and less immune you become.

Sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain because the more sleep-deprived you are, the higher your levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which increases your appetite.

It takes approximately one week to adjust to a new sleeping schedule. That time can be shortened by changing one’s eating habits, avoiding caffeine and adjusting light levels.

Our bodies need rest after doing our daily activities to recoup and regenerate, and sleep is the most important time for that. Aim for the recommended 6 to 8 hours. Try to download a sleep monitoring app so you can be consistent with your sleep-wake cycle. I recently discovered which is an interesting and fun way to plan your sleep.


cute bulldog sleeping

RIGHT MOTIVATION <—- Click for more.

You can never get enough MOTIVATION since we’re just humans and we’re bound to feel discouraged and weak from time to time. This is one of the most important and universally applicable things to apply in any life goal.

But if you want something, you do EVERYTHING it takes to reach it!


Try recording your measurements to help you stay focused.

Get a tape measure and measure four fingers above your belly button across your waist (first measurement), across your belly button (2nd), then measure four fingers below your belly button (3rd). Record your measurements. Set a goal! This will help you further motivate and push yourself. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed all these tips and tricks to losing belly fat and achieving the perfect abs! Keep encouraging yourself and remember to always challenge yourself, and be positive and happy!! 😀

happy girl at beach

I’ve been getting questions as to how long it will take to get the tight abs or reduce belly fat significantly but it all depends on a lot of factors which I talked about in this article like your lifestyle, stress level, hydration, exercise, diet, sleep, motivation, BODY SIZE (which is very important to consider as well), etc. If you work hard in every aspect you will surely achieve flat abs in less time!! You can actually see a great improvement in a week if you adhere to my tips.. You can achieve great abs in a month, 2 months or so but you have to be consistent and motivated! 🙂

Thoughts, suggestions, questions or whatnot?? I welcome everything so feel free to leave any comments below if you find anything worth mentioning or worth talking about. I’d really appreciate it! Thanks!

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  1. Hi great website with value post on how to lose belly fat fast, many good pointer to get here.

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  2. Hi there,
    You have compiled an awesome post on this important topic and I am happy that you are advising on how to lose weight naturally.
    I am glad you are not advocating diet pills or any other methods like that.
    Natural is better for me and a lot of this can be achieved by diet.
    I guess its a balance of both diet and exercise and attempting to strike a happy medium with the two, allied to a certain degree of determination, will yield satisfactory results.
    Thanks again for a great review.
    Cheers Phil Browne

    1. Thank you so much!! I try to make my content as fun, readable and informative as I can! Will be creating more interesting content for you guys! 😀 Diet is a surefire and safer way in achieving your health goal if you’re consistent. I would say I’m an advocate of organic and natural methods but I’m not against diet pills although it’s better to do some research first for side effects or long-term use effects since the FDA doesn’t really regulate them. I only use pills which help supplement my daily needs like Vit. D, Fish Oil, Saw Palmetto and Iron because I need it (anemic) but I take responsibility in using these so I do my homework first before buying them.. But yeah natural is better because the body itself is already too complicated to understand. Adding additional foreign things into our system might compromise it and turn for worse than better. It’s good to use caution when attempting new things. 🙂

  3. These tips are easy to follow and they even look delicious, LOL. I just have belly fat and I’m pretty satisfied with how the rest of my body looks, however, most of the people claim that it is impossible to get a lean body without lifting weights, what are your thoughts on that?

    1. Hehe thanks! 😀 I make my content as enjoyable and informative as I can! Glad you enjoyed this! As for excluding weightlifting, it’s completely possible to get a lean body! Diet is very powerful and your body will look to bodyfat for an alternative to fuel e.g. when you do calorie restriction. I’ve tackled in this post https://iwanttolosemybellyfatf… how your body adapts to burning the same kinds of food you eat regularly like how healthy fats help burn bad fats. For more info go to this post https://iwanttolosemybellyfatf… You won’t probably get as shapely as when you couple your diet with weights but you’ll definitely get leaner if you’re consistent! I’ve discussed the importance of eating a healthy dose of protein, carbs and fats in this article and how you need all of those to achieve your body goal and a balanced diet. You’ll still get shape since fat is the thing that hides your curves and muscles but if you really intend on building them then you’ll need DIET and WEIGHTLIFTING or some sort of exercise. And yea you won’t get muscular or turn into a she-Hulk if you do weightlifting! Haha 🙂

  4. Enjoyed this post very much. Outer beauty starts from within. Agree with the lady who said inner beauty is important but who wouldn’t like flat abs to go with it.
    Breathing is definitely important and that early morning lemon drink might just find a place in my daily early morning routine.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it!! 😀 I try to make my content as fun, readable and informative as I can! Will be creating more interesting content for you guys! 😀 We need to take a breather from our busy, hectic lives and breathing is one of the most effective and relaxing ways to do that! 🙂

  5. Excellent post. Right on all points to get lean, mean and shredded. I like the point in the beginning about how inner beauty is more important…but who wouldn’t want to have that sexy figure to go with it? I know I do 🙂

    1. Wow thank you!!! 😀 Yeah! You have everything going for you if you possess both beauties. It’s important to not get all caught up in just physical beauty since inner beauty shines the brightest! 🙂

  6. Hi,
    I have religiously gone through your article which I found so interesting in reducing abs fat. I have this abdominal fat which I have been trying for a way out. Now that I have seen your article, I will go for lemon, mint water, and cucumber, but the question of how long it will take to reduce my belly fat wasn’t answered there. Please through more light on this.
    Thanks for your great article

    1. Hi! I’m glad you liked my article and my suggestion! 😀 As for how long it will take to reduce belly fat significantly, it all depends on the factors that I’ve mentioned.. your lifestyle, stress level, hydration, exercise, BODY SIZE, etc. If you work hard in every aspect you will surely achieve the flat abs in less time!! You can actually see a great improvement in a week if you adhere to my tips.. If you’re really interested in reducing belly fat, do check out my Exercise, Diet or Eat fats to lose belly fat posts. You will get tons of additional information in them! 🙂 All the best to us and our goals! 😀

  7. Hi this is an excellent information. I have been going through each phase mentioned at the top and everything looks in detail and in depth. I really liked the alternate for water, as it is getting difficult to drink a lot of water now a days and I will go for Lemon, cucumber, mint water. The only difficult part I feel in the topic is getting rid of the stress, In my day to day job as an IT professional we have a lot of stress involved and I’m slowly overcoming it by practising yoga but even though I can’t completely avoid it. Thanks for this information – also let me know how much time will it take to get the flat stomach if we follow all these properly? Keep well and keep writing 🙂

    1. I really appreciate every comment as I learn from them, and I enjoy it when my readers enjoy my posts because I do put hard work in every post. Yeah it’s hard to get rid of stress completely but all we can do is avoid it and minimize it. Take baby steps at a time and you’ll learn to get better at it! 😀 You are your greatest obstacle in life. I’ve learned to be less stressed and more calm just by restraining and calming myself down every time I get annoyed and it’s sooo worth it! 😉 Also, stress is a natural reaction of our bodies to help us react appropriately and accordingly to different types of situations. As for how long it will take to get the flat stomach, it all depends on the factors that I’ve mentioned.. your lifestyle, stress level, hydration, exercise, BODY SIZE, etc. If you work hard in every aspect you will surely achieve the flat abs in less time!! You can actually see a great improvement in a week if you adhere to my tips.. If you’re interested in getting a tight stomach, do check out my Exercise, Diet or Eat fats to lose belly fat posts. You will get tons of additional information in them! 🙂 All the best to us and our goals! 😀

    2. I also actually enjoyed while writing the fruit-infused water part! I love fruits and water!!! I just love being healthy! I’m probably gonna make my own soon! 😀

  8. Taking the time to take deep breathe must be important:) Not only did I read it in you post here but the new update for the Apple watch has a feature specifically for stopping and breathing. I would like to know more about the science behind how breathing helps to lose weight. Maybe you can make a post in the future focusing just on that topic.

    Great Post!

    1. Thanks for your comment! I’m not surprised when I found out just recently too that deep breathing helps with weight loss since we take in a lot of oxygen while we eat which leads to bloating and oxygen apparently helps burn fat. That is actually a great topic to write about. Deep breathing to lose belly fat! 😀 It’s unique and it doesn’t require any other resource than yourself. I like that they include new updates on our devices that help us get fit and healthier! They do help a lot! 😀

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