Camellias Waist Trainer Belt Review – The Training Belt to Get Smaller Waist Bigger Hips

Product: Camellias Waist Trainer Belt

Price: $15.88 – $23.88

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Lower price available on select options & Free Return on some sizes and colors.

Amazon has a great return policy and customer service so I recommend buying it from them. They can back you up if the seller decides to go AWOL on you. XD

Amazon Rating: 4/5 (4000 + customer reviews)

Available Sizes: 
Small to XX-Large

Warranty: 90 Day Hassle-Free Return with Prepaid Return label, with Full Refund or Free Exchange

99% positive in the last 12 months (3333 ratings) on Amazon

My rating: 4/5 | It’s not perfect but it’s an excellent waist trainer for the price! 😀

Hand wash only with lukewarm water. Don’t wring! Hang or lay flat to dry.


1. Dimensions: Front 7″, Back 8.5″
2. Effectively reduces and shapes your waist line for that hour-glass figure.
3. It’s made up of 100% Latex-free Neoprene fabric which is softer, more comfortable, more elastic, easier to clean and won’t irritate your skin.
4. Tummy tuck and back support
5. The double velcro adjustment in the front makes it durable and adjustable.
6. Offers 2 times faster belly fat burning.
7. Mesh belts offer breathability and flexibility.
8. It uses Sauna Slim Technology. It uses abdominal compression to increase heat and burn targeted fat.
9. Available in 9 different colors: blue, black, black mesh, lemon-green, orange, purple, rose, beige mesh and camouflage.
10. Comes in 5 different sizes.
11. Reduces injury and keeps the muscles warm.
12. Corrects posture and eliminates lower back pain.
13. Easy to use
14. Can be worn while weight training, cycling, or doing all sorts of exercise and sports.

Camellias Waist Trainer Belt, get smaller waist, bigger hipsCamellias Waist Trainer Belt on a curvacious woman.

I’ve worn a waist band before and sweat a lot more in the tummy area while exercising with it. Since getting back to my exercise routine, I’ve become interested again in waist trainers. They do work if you want a more targeted fat burning in the belly area.

A lot of waist trainers have come out over the years with new features that greatly enhances your exercise and the whole experience with some extra benefits. The added features even help you sweat more faster even while doing nothing because of the new technology incorporated.

Camellias Waist Trainer Belt is a cheap waist shaper that stacks up well against the more expensive competition and even outperforms some. Important things to consider when looking for a good waist trainer are effectiveness, fit, comfort, purpose, durability, flexibility and look and I think Camellias Waist Trainer Belt holds up well in these.

Camellias Waist Trainer Belt – The Training Belt to Get Smaller Waist Bigger Hips

If you’re looking for a well-made belt that gives support to your back and effectively burns belly fat, Camellias Waist Trainer Belt does an absolutely amazing job! This waist cinching belt is very effective at aligning your midsection in an optimal position. It activates your abdomen during workout and improves your posture.

Good posture is very important to feel the burn when you exercise and burn fat effectively. When you ever decide to wean from waist training with this belt, you’ll notice that you’ve gotten used to maintaining a good posture which is beneficial for health as well. A remarkable added benefit indeed! When combined with the right exercise, the overall results from this waist trainer can be downright surprising!

sitting postures, get smaller waist, bigger hipsfunny sitting postures by Joe LoongCC BY-SA 2.0

How good is Camellias Waist Trainer?

Losing 3 inches off your waist is not ambitious at all with this waist trainer. In fact, it might seem like child’s play. A user reported that she lost 3 inches off her waist from the first time she wore this. You might have to revise your target waist size immediately!

The waist trainer is designed to hug the body tightly. Your abdomen will become firmer and flat, and your hips will widen. It will seem like seeing a new woman in front of your mirror. The curves that you thought were impossible start to take shape. You will discover a newfound confidence which will be astounding and overwhelming! For less time, you can get a lot of attention and approval stares and gazes from the opposite sex (or even from the same sex XD).

hot girl enjoying the beach, get smaller waist, bigger hips


This waist trainer is comfortable enough to be worn at the gym. Work out routines are not a walk in the park kind of thing and it’s a real struggle doing them so the last thing you need is a nuisance. This trainer is known for its tight fit so you’ll probably feel it but it won’t keep you from busting out a good work out.

It depends on the exercise. Doing crunches with this waist trainer or any other exercise that involves curling the abs might cause problems and might not be feasible. Try it out and see what exercise works best with it, or choose to give yourself a break from wearing it during a workout.

The belt is made up of Latex-free Neoprene which is soft, flexible and smooth. You will reap better results as you’re waist training because you’ll feel comfortable and absolutely scorch all your belly fat because of abdominal compression, and get toned and ripped in the process!

You can wear this shaper for hours in the house or outside compared to hook-eye corsets because of the comfort. It has a flexible boning structure unique to this shaper. You can engage in some very vigorous activities and not have to worry. The structure is able to assume any body position. It also recovers to its original position quickly!


Compression is the fastest way to lose belly fat and shape your waist!

Having said that, the compression of this waist trainer is nothing short of amazing! It’s not that bulky but provides great compression which generates heat around your core. This is how you increase sweating, thus, burning more calories. This also aids in removing toxins and wastes from the body which accumulate over time. You’ll find that you get to sculpt your waist more every time you wear this, and see the results you’ve been dying to have faster!

Marilyn Monroe, get smaller waist, bigger hips

Who will benefit from Camellias Waist Trainer Belt?

This belt is specifically designed for women but some male users reported liking the product. It has an adjustable waist band, and size and color options so men can also reap the same benefits as long as they use it correctly. Men will most likely have to get a bigger size tho, and make sure to measure themselves and match from the sizing chart.

This is also great for slender and plus size women as the sizes vary from 24 (XS) to 38 (2XL).

If you have a serious back problem or injury and you think that using this waist trainer might endanger you or aggravate your condition, ask your doctor or a qualified health practioner first for advice prior to making a purchase, and make sure to follow such advice.

Waist trainers now are more flexible and are made with different consumers in mind, and have incorporated more features and technology so there has never been a more convenient time to look good and feel good! It just comes down to the initiative, effort, persistence and consistency! 😀

What sets Camellias Waist Trainer Belt above the competition?

All waist trainers have their advantages and disadvantages but I particularly liked this one because it’s comfortable, easy to slip on and scorches belly fat fast extremely well. Plus! It specializes in giving you the hour-glass waist thanks to the smaller waist band that you wrap around the middle of your waist.

Comfort and effectiveness seem to play the huge deciding factors for me since you’re gonna have to wear this everyday consistently to see the results!

belly, lose inches, get smaller waist, bigger hips
Here is a comprehensive list of the pros and cons that I’ve gathered regarding this waist trainer:


1. Very effective and a noticeable difference in your waist even after a few hours of usage especially when coupled with the right diet and exercise
2. The Neoprene fabric is very effective in generating heat in your abdomen. It makes you sweat more and helps a lot in targeted burning of belly fat.
3. DEXA body scan (Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) revealed that it can really reduce waist size even with limited use.
4. high quality
5. durable and adjustable
6. Not too bulky for a velcro waist band
7. great fit
8. for slender and plus-size women, all body shapes
9. helps you recuperate or feel better from injury such as a torn disc and prevents back injury
10. Provides lumbar support, corrects posture, reduces lower back pain which result to improved range of motion
11. Velcro is secure and strong, and holds the waist band in place.
12. The boning structure provides strength and stiffness.
13. The structure is able to assume any body position and recovers to its original position quickly!
14. improved breathability
15. Fabric is softer, more comfortable, more elastic and easier to clean.
16. easy to use
17. Comes in 5 different sizes and 9 different colors.
18. Can be worn with belted dresses, loose tops or thick garment.
19. Enhances your performance by increasing core strength.
20. Makes a difference in your workout as it forces you to maintain a good posture, and helps you keep your ab muscles tight.
21. Has a good stretch and is stretchable in the right places
22. Cheaper than a lot of brands but competitive, in fact, it’s one of the best waist trainers in the market right now.
23. Effectively reduces and shapes your waist line for that hour-glass figure, and smaller waist creates the illusion of bigger hips! 😀
24. faster burning of calories
25. Will make you eat less food and therefore less calories because the waist band is tight around your abdomen and you won’t be able to stuff yourself too much. This can also encourage you to eat healthier to make up for the nutrients because of eating less.
26. no allergens
27. Safe when tummy is not compressed too much
28. Engages you in your workout because the results are visible.
29. Stays in place.
30. Can be worn by both women and menMen will most likely have to get a bigger size tho, and make sure to measure themselves and match from the sizing chart.
31. Can be worn longer and more comfortably than a hook-eye corset type because you can adjust the cinching more. Can be worn for hours, while asleep or at home as long as you’re comfortable and can breathe well.
32. helps in keeping the muscles warm
33. Can be worn while weight training, cycling or doing other sorts of exercises, sports and activities
34. easy to take care of
35. Rated 4/5 on Amazon with over 4000 reviews!!

Holy!! 35 Pros!!!! That’s A LOT!! XD
Clearly I’ve written too much! Maybe I’m just OCD hehe.. but I did some reading about Camellias Waist Trainer Belt and took a lot of notes to help you decide. 🙂


1. Some users reported that the boning pieces rip through the stitching while others say it doesn’t happen to them. It can be reinforced to prevent the stitching from unraveling. You also have the option of just removing the boning pieces but that will take away the lumbar support.

Amazon offers a hassle-free service and a 3-month money-back guarantee which is a big plus! They are #1 after all in Customer Satisfaction for many many years!!

2. Some users reported that it has the tendency to roll up or bulge. This can happen when you don’t choose the right size or don’t wear it properly. So measure yourself first and read the reviews about the sizing!

3. Velcro edge might hurt your skin if worn too tightly.

4. Velcro wears out over time. I think with proper care you can make it last longer. You also have the option of replacing the velcro if you want to. I found out that all waist trainers have materials that wear out over time.

5. Visible under thin, fitted or see-thru clothes. Light colored clothes may also show the waist trainer.

6. A little bulky for some users

7. Has a plastic or rubbery smell at first which fades away

8. Might not be for overly curvacious girls

9. Important: Cinching the waist too tightly might cause adverse health effects in the long run such as deformed rib bones or organs being compressed so I advice not cinching or tightening the waist band too much but to just perform hip exercises and eat right to make the hips bigger or develop your other assets. Health is still a priority!

Cinching the waist too much especially for younger people or teens who are still developing their bones might pose harm.

young people, get smaller waist, bigger hips

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How tight should I wear this?

Comfort is really important since you’re gonna have to wear this for a long period. Wear it until you feel it’s still comfortable and not too tight, then adjust accordingly.

2. Is it a good idea to order a smaller size than my actual size?

I recommend you order your actual waist size or whatever size matches your waist size. Some customers on Amazon decide to order a size up because they were having problems with the sizing. I think they were having problems because they wanted longer torso coverage and the larger sizes have that, but then there’s also people with shorter torsos.

It’s up to you to decide which one is best for you but I recommend following your actual waist size or going just a size up if you want more torso coverage. You can always adjust and cinch the belt to make it tighter, and it does come with 2 adjustable straps.

When you order from Amazon, you will have peace of mind knowing that they’re fantastic in solving customer issues, and I hear the actual company, Camellias Corsets, is not bad as well. And it’s cheap and has a 3-month warranty on Amazon so those are definite pluses!

Then, there’s also people who want more cinching or compression so they wanted something smaller. I don’t recommend going a size smaller because cinching too much might have adverse health effects especially in the long run. I’ve said it again and again but health is a priority!!

It’s better to buy a smaller size once you’ve reduced your waistline than to cinch and be uncomfortable, and suffer the consequences afterwards. I think it’s healthier to wear it longer and be comfortable than to go for a faster, unsure route.


Important tips in using Camellias Waist Trainer Belt:

1. Once it’s a little too tight around the waist, take it off and readjust it.

This is important to prevent the adverse health effects.

2. Velcro the first strap snugly, then take the strap that goes in the middle and secure it tightly and comfortably.

3. Give your waist trainer belt a good wash with lukewarm water and never wring it because it’ll get deformed. Hang or lay flat to dry.

4. To get the maximum results of weight training, I recommend wearing it up to 8 hours a day.

This will ensure that you will get good compression around your core, which stimulates thermal activity and make it faster for you to lose belly fat! Make sure to wear it comfortably and not too tightly!

5. If you’re really serious about your waist training, you might wanna consider buying more than 1 so you can alternate them and have the chance to clean and dry them.

This will allow them to contract and breathe for best results and make them last longer.

This also gives you the opportunity to try different colors, sizes and types which you can use for different situations and occasions. After all, you’re gonna be sweating in it and prolly using it everyday so you have to clean and be able to dry it longer.

If you’re only considering on purchasing one, then consider carefully when you’re gonna wear it, whether it’s for workout, special occasions or just for at home use.

body types, get smaller waist, bigger hips

We’re different. Which one are you? by shilazizi / CC BY-SA 2.0

6. It’s best to know your body type and shape to know which waist trainer is most flattering to you.

For example, if you need extra bust support you may go for a vest-style waist trainer. If you are on the short side, you may opt for a petite one, or if you’re tall, you may need a long torso variety.

Once you’ve selected the waist trainer for your body type, make sure that you know how to put it on so that it won’t look awkward on you.

If you have a hook-and-eye waist trainer, start fastening from the bottom of the garment around the narrowest part of your waist. As you work your way up the cincher, pull it down over your tummy.

If you are using a lace-up corset, find a mirror or a lovely friend who can help you. Make sure the front is clasped first. Tighten the laces in the back by starting from the top and bottom then working your way towards the center.

7. Pick the right size!

Follow the sizing charts or go a size up, and read reviews or contact the seller for added clarity and more info. Make sure that you’ve measured the narrowest part of your waist which is approximately 2 inches above your belly button.

8. Never force what doesn’t fit.

Although your waist trainer should be tight, you shouldn’t have to yank on it because doing so, you risk damaging the garment and potentially injuring yourself.

Like what I reiterated, Amazon has the best customer satisfaction! It’s better to exchange it than being unsatisfied and injuring yourself.

Sphynx cat, get smaller waist, bigger hipsSphynx cat wearing clothes by Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 3.0

9. Make sure to get used to the garment first before you start your waist training routine.

A latex waist cincher should be worn an hour or 2 at a time for a couple of days before you start wearing it for longer hours. A steel-boned corset should be worn several times loosely, an hour at a time before you can tighten it all the way.

10. How you prefer to dress will decide what waist trainer is right for your clothes.

Some questions to ask when pairing your waist trainer with your clothes are:

1. Will you be wearing thin or thick materials?
Note that if you wear a thin one, your hooks might show through when you wear your waist band underneath.

2. Are you gonna wear light or dark?
If you wear light or sheer clothes, the colorful and dark prints of your waist trainer might become noticeable.

3. Are you wearing fitted tops or dresses? Especially ones with a lighter fabric?
If you are, then the seams of your trainer might become apparent. And if you’re wearing crop tops, wearing waist trainers as well might not be a good idea.

forest girl, get smaller waist, bigger hips

11. How to wear your waist trainers discreetly:

If you want to commit to daily waist training, but you think that your trainer doesn’t seem to match well, don’t despair! There are ways in getting around to wearing your waist trainer with your clothes without sacrificing your style and looking awkward in them.

1. Use a shapewear alternative on days when you are wearing a thin or a light colored garment in which a waist trainer might show through.

A seamless shapewear is preferable and will do the job well. By wearing a shapewear instead of a waist trainer, you won’t set your waist training efforts back.

2. Try a no-closure waist trainer which won’t have any of the seams or hooks that will show through.

3. Make sure that you’re choosing the color and pattern wisely.

Some workout bands are designed for showing off at the gym for the colorful prints but they’re not ideal underneath a white top.

4. Rotate several waist trainers in your wardrobe.

Nude and black waist trainers are ideal for everyday use. Incorporate waist trainers into your personal style, rather than trying to conceal them all the time.

You might also enjoy the vintage look of the lace-up corset. Simply put it on over a thin lacy dress.

Wearing waist trainers can still be very tricky but once you figure out how to make it work, it should be easier to incorporate them into your personal style. Even if you find yourself not wearing your usual clothes, you might still find a waist trainer worth it because of the flattering effects to your waist.

If you’re really serious in shaping up your waist, I highly recommend you to pick up Camellias Waist Trainer Belt as it’s very effective in doing what it’s supposed to do which is to slim down your waist and give you an hour-glass figure. It’s great in supporting your back, reduces lower back pain, very cheap, very competitive with more expensive waist bands, comfortable, and has a myriad of other benefits! You can get the best price on Amazon and have peace of mind from them for their top-notch customer satisfaction! 😀

You can click this widget below to pick up your own Camellias Waist Trainer Belt! 🙂

Camellias Waist Trainer Belt – Body Shaper Belt for an Hourglass Figure


sexy back, Camellias waist trainer belt

I’ve been getting questions as to how long it will take to get the tight abs or reduce belly fat significantly but it all depends on a lot of factors which I talked about in my How to lose belly fat and get abs! BETTER RESULTS FAST!! post like your lifestyle, stress level, hydration, exercise, diet, sleep, motivation, BODY SIZE (which is very important to consider as well), etc. If you work hard in every aspect you will surely achieve flat abs in less time especially if you wear the Camellias Waist Trainer Belt!! You can actually see a great improvement in a week if you adhere to my tips.. You can achieve great abs in a month, 2 months or so but you have to be consistent and motivated! 🙂

Thoughts, suggestions, questions or whatnot?? I welcome everything so feel free to leave any comments below if you find anything worth mentioning or worth talking about.  I’d really appreciate it! Thanks! 

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10 Replies to “Camellias Waist Trainer Belt Review – The Training Belt to Get Smaller Waist Bigger Hips

  1. I showed my wife this and she loved it!!
    She has trouble doing exercise after having 4 c-sections bringing our 4 gorgeous boys into the world for us and I can’t thank her enough for going through that. It’s a shame she has to suffer because of this so the camellias waist trainer belt would be ideal for her not being able to do sit ups to loose belly fat. So I thankyou and my wife thanks you for showing us this great product.

    1. You’re welcome and I wanted to be thorough with my review to provide more info to you guys as well. Did you guys already get it? You can get it here on 🙂 It’s cheap and Amazon has a great return policy of 3 months! Hope your wife will love it. 😀

  2. The waist trainer certainly looks like a natural for toning down the waist. The good benefit is that you can wear it under your normal clothes and it is doing its job. It will be very popular for those who can no longer do waist exercises like sit ups. A good product to keep in mind.

    1. It is a great product indeed! It kind of is multitasking when you wear it coz you do your usual activities, and lose belly fat and exercise the ab muscles at the same time! 😉 Have you tried any waist trainers in the past as well? I’ve tried it and it does work! You sweat more in the belly area when you use it, and the results are motivating! 😀

  3. Wow. I really like the review. You are so comprehensive in covering the different aspect of using a waist trainer. I have to admit although i have been secretly dreaming of using one, I have never used one. You mentioned under the pros about it being for women, I’m just wondering if this product will be suitable for a man too?

    1. Hehe!! Glad you enjoyed it!! 😀 Didn’t see your review right away because I spammed it unknowingly. You might not have seen it because I have too many pros, 35 XD, but it’s on # 30. Can be worn by both women and men. Men will most likely have to get a bigger size tho, and make sure to measure themselves and match from the sizing chart. You can get it here on 🙂 It’s cheap and Amazon has a great return policy of 3 months! 😀

      I’ve worn these things before and I tell you, they do work especially if you want a more targeted fat reduction which is very hard to do with any exercise. I sweat A LOT in my belly when I wear such but you also have to pay attention to your diet, lifestyle, exercise, etc. which you can learn more about in my How to lose belly fat and get abs! BETTER RESULTS FAST!! post. Hope you give this waist trainer a shot because it will greatly improve your workout results! 😀

  4. Do you have any recommendations for apple shapes or plus sizes? I am unfortunately both, which means that it can be a challenge to buy products like this (although I feel I’ve tried many through the years). Very cool about the DEXA scan reinforcing that these things work, I had no idea!

    1. I think Camellias Waist Trainer can also work for apple shapes and plus sizes. If you don’t think Camellias will work for you, you can try this other alternative: OpeCking Sauna Belt. It was originally my first pick because I love the simplicity, effectiveness and durability! If you don’t wanna worry about the possibility of the boning structure tearing out, then I think this is your option. It covers the entire belly, has back support as well, very comfortable, has a good amount of velcro and you can just roll it up when you’re done! It’s also true to size, and has the Large (20-40″ waist size) available right now! 😀 Even if it only has 27 reviews as of the moment, the reviews themselves can attest to how good the product is, and how satisfied the customers were. It retails for only 14.99 on Amazon which is half the original price.

      You can also check out my other favorites but I prefer the ones at the top more because you have more control on the cinching. For corsets YIANNA Women’s Underbust Latex Sport Girdle and SAYFUT Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss. For the waist cincher tank top, I recommend Gotoly Curves Shaper which is on sale right now for more than 50%! They have different color and plus size options which are available as of the moment, and have gleaming reviews as well. Being less bulky than the above alternatives, these waist cinchers are more flexible to wear under or incorporate with your clothes, and they’re also stylish!

      And YES! Waist cinchers do really work but I recommend you to follow my tips so you can safely wear them! Don’t forget to check the sizing and measure yourself! 🙂

  5. I have been toying with whether or not to buy a waist trainer for some time. I am afraid to spend the money and then have it rolling up and not effective. Your review was very thorough and addressed that issue. I appreciate your all your detailed information and comparison.

    1. I’m glad you liked it! 🙂 I’m aware that it’s a little long for a review but I really wanted my readers to know a lot of the other important things. I became interested in this product myself. Are you interested in getting this particular waist trainer?

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