Ankle Weights by Healthy Model Life Review – Burn Lots of Calories Fast and Boost Your Endurance!

Product: Healthy Model Life Ankle Weights Set
2 cuffs, 5 lbs. each (10 lbs. total) OR 2 cuffs, 1 lb. each (2 lbs. total)

Price: $29.99
You save $15 (33%)

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Amazon has a great return policy and customer service so I recommend buying it from them. They can back you up if the seller decides to go AWOL on you. XD

Amazon Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars!!! (270 plus customer reviews)

Sizing: One size fits most


Company: Healthy Model Life

My rating: 4/5 | Not perfect but superior in all aspects compared to other brands.

Clean with a wet rag and mild soap.

Healthy Model Life Ankle Weights, burn lots of calories fast
Healthy Model Life Ankle Weights, burn lots of calories fast

Ankle Weights by Healthy Model Life – Burn Lots of Calories Fast and Boost Your Endurance!

Ankle weights are indispensable equipment that you need to have to improve your workouts. It’s important to improve our lower body strength because our daily activities require us to work our legs and feet all the time. Be it walking, going to the grocery store or visiting your friends, we use our feet every waking day, and they’re one of the most important things that we need to carry out tasks optimally!

We need to take care of our lower body (hips, legs and feet), and exercise to make them stronger!

Then, there’s also the extra benefit of being able to perform challenging and even potentially life-saving tasks in the event of a disaster, accident or a killer attack.

Being fit and healthier will prepare you for the worst possible case scenarios that life might throw at you in abrupt, unpredictable times.

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Meat Market 3 by Joel Friesen / CC BY 2.0

And of course, who doesn’t want to look good in their bikinis and skin-baring clothes??

You’re not only gonna tone and train your legs with Healthy Model Life Ankle Weights, you’ll also increase your chances of losing fat and building muscle! If you want shape, building muscle and losing extra fat is the key. These double as wrist weights as well if you want to give more love to your arms and upper torso!

Healthy Model Ankle Weights will help you burn lots of calories fast and boost your endurance compared to the competition because of the added comfort, quality and even-weight distribution. You’ll surely see your fitness and body goals come to fruition sooner!

These come in 5-pound or 1-pound cuffs (2 cuffs). If you’re a newbie at adding weights to your workout or want to take it easy on the weights, consider buying the 1 lb. set. But if you’re used to weights and know that you’re stronger, 5-lb. cuffs provide a great challenge and pose less risk of injuring your joints compared to other heavier ankle weights. Less weight will be easier and burn less calories.

Healthy Model Life Ankle Weights is a clear-cut winner above the rest because of its comfort, even distribution of weight, user friendliness, quality and its ability to deliver amazing results! PLUS!! You can rest assured that besides its amazing quality and performance, the product is backed by a FULL LIFETIME REPLACEMENT OR REFUND GUARANTEE!!! You definitely have little to lose and more to gain with this amazing product!

If you still haven’t decided that this amazing product is for you, I’ve compiled a ton of info about it below for your reference, and to help you come to the conclusion that this is the ankle weights to beat!

1. Adjustable, big velcro to snap the weights on and off in just a couple of seconds
2. 5 lbs. or 1 lb. each weight cuff (2 cuffs)
3. very comfortable padding
4. Versatile ankle weights. Can be worn around the ankles or wrists. Can be worn anywhere or while walking, or doing yoga.
5. Weight is evenly distributed. No identifiable single pressure point.
6. portable
7. durable
8. very secure
6. Color and design is chic not tacky.
7. For men and women, will fit most sizes, except when you have very swollen or extra big ankles.
8. Helps tone and strengthen the leg muscles.
9. Helps you burn lots of calories fast and boost your endurance!!!
10. No irritating buckles or snaps!

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Here is a comprehensive list of its pros and cons.

1. Increased resistance and fitness gains
2. outstanding comfort and enduring design
3. padded above the competition
4. You can wear it everywhere you go for an extra challenge to make you healthier and stronger. *See Precautions.
5. Snug and stays in place unlike the other brands even when drenched in sweat!! No need to constantly readjust it. No need to deal with weights that drag on the ground! 🙁
6. Stress-free guarantee!! FULL LIFETIME REPLACEMENT OR REFUND GUARANTEE when you buy it from!!! 😀
7. Reinjects the passion of working out because of added difficulty.
8. Designed with a woman in mind and strong and durable enough for a man!
9. Better results!!
10. high quality, well-made and portable
11. It doesn’t have to be just your ankles! It’s adjustable so you can also use this as wrist wear! OR… For a little twist, you can put the 2 cuffs together and wear them like a belt for a weighted squat!
12. One size fits most! Can even be worn by petite women and burly men.
13. Very high customer ratings! 😀
14. One big tab (velcro) to snap it on and take it off. Especially important when you’re beat after a hard workout.
15. Weight is evenly distributed. No identifiable single pressure point.
16. One user reported wearing these for a week, briskly walking for 6 miles without any issues!
18. 5 lb.-weight cuffs are challenging enough with less risk of injuring your joints. Less weights will be easier and burn less calories.
19. Color and design is chic not tacky.
20. no irritating buckles or snaps
21. Users have tried a lot of ankle weights and many of them agree that this is the best one they’ve tried! 😀

lunchtime walk, burn lots of calories fast

Lunchtime Walk by Alex Proimos / CC BY 2.0

1. Can’t adjust the weights. Must buy the other one to get a different weight. The 5-pound one is challenging enough and comfortable for most users tho. If you want to burn more calories, you can gradually increase your reps or speed.
2. No additional strap besides the velcro to secure them better for running. Still pretty snug compared to the competition.
3. According to some users, it slides a little when you do a sprint.
4. Some users reported leaking especially when jumping with them for a while. Good thing it’s backed up by a FULL LIFETIME REPLACEMENT OR REFUND GUARANTEE!!!
5. A user used this after post-surgical swelling (which is not recommended btw because adding weight to an operated foot or ankle can do damage to the repair that’s been done), and he stated that it wasn’t long enough for his swollen ankle. You can buy a roll of velcro when you got massive ankles!
6. Might cause joint injury for people who are vulnerable and have joint problems.
7. Not waterproof.

Benefits of using ankle weights:

1. Boosts your endurance.
It trains you to build your stamina, and get used to wearing weights while performing your exercises.
2. Helps tone and slim the legs.
The extra challenge of adding weights makes you work harder which makes you sweat more and burn fat faster!
4. Increased versatility.
5. Adds variety to your exercises. You can also wear them while jogging or walking (but not for an extended time).
6. Helps strengthen the quadriceps, hamstrings (thigh muscles) and glutes (butt muscles).
7. Improves water workouts.
Swimmers use ankle weights to enhance their performance. What’s great about ankle weights is that they don’t injure the joints and they don’t have any other issues. *See Precautions below Ankle weights also train you to jump higher that’s why athletes like using them.

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1. Avoid wearing these all the time!
This is not as effective as you think when you overuse it because your body needs rest. Some studies show that ankle weights when worn around too much or while walking can cause injury to people with joint problems. What you should be doing instead is increasing your reps and speed gradually.

Ankle weights are considered safe as long as you’re using the weights that you’re comfortable with, and you’re using them properly. By properly I mean not wearing them all day, every day, and not straining yourself too much. Use them for workouts, and walking or running for a couple hours. You will feel if they’re helping or doing the opposite. Observe, act accordingly, and I think you’re gonna be fine! You know your body pretty well so if you think they’re causing more harm than good, then use them less often or use the ones with less weight, or just stop using them especially if you have a joint problem. (Remember the FULL LIFETIME REPLACEMENT OR REFUND GUARANTEE??)

You can start with 1 lb. (For reference, it’s as heavy as a package of bacon) if you’re not that comfortable with weights, or 5 lbs. (a bag of sugar) if you have experience with weights and know that you’re strong enough. 5 lbs. is evenly distributed around the ankle, and users said that it’s comfortable and not a hassle to move around with.

2. Don’t wear it too tightly!
Comfort is a must if you want to focus and be effective at your workouts. I think Healthy Model Life Ankle Weights are great if you want a snug but comfortable fit without tightening it too much or injuring yourself.

There are also amazingly effective workouts for glutes, abs and legs using Healthy Model Life Ankle Weights! Make sure you’ve fastened your weights before starting these exercises. You can do these for 50 seconds to a minute with a 10-15 second rest time. Hope these exercises will work out great for you! 😀

1. Donkey Kick
a. Start on all fours with your hands and knees.
b. Put your weight in one knee then KICK with your other leg up into the ceiling behind you. Make sure to keep your upper body steady, using mostly your hips to raise your leg.
c. Put your leg down without touching the floor then repeat.
d. Do this for 50 seconds for each leg.

Jackie the Donkey, burn lots of calories fastJackie the Donkey plays in the snow by Pete Markham / CC BY-SA 2.0

2. Bicycle Crunches
a. Lie on your back. Back flat on the floor. Put your hands behind your head.
b. Lift your left leg so that your thigh is perpendicular and calf is parallel to the ground.
c. Touch your right elbow to your left leg then alternate it with the right leg and left elbow. Do this repetitively and be patient!! 🙂

training battalion, bicycle crunches, burn lots of calories fastMarine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego by Lance Cpl. A. I. Annastas / Public Domain

3. Mountain Climber
a. Get into a standard plank position, palms on the floor and a little wider than the shoulders, abdominals tensed.
b. Draw one knee in as far as you can and try to reach your elbow. Don’t let your foot touch the floor while drawing in. Some people are more flexible than others so just try your best. Make sure to not lift your hips.
c. Then alternate it with the other knee like your legs are skimming the floor. Do this as fast as you can! You can do it!

mountain climber ab work outP7283179 by / CC BY 2.0

4. Seated Knee Tuck
a. Sit on a bench or a mat. Hold on to the bench or put your hands flat on the mat for support.
b. Balancing on your butt while keeping your torso off the mat, extend legs out in front of you so that they form a straight line.
c. Gradually crunch your torso forward and bring your knees towards your chest. Repeat.

I hope I’ve convinced you now why Healthy Model Life Ankle Weights are worth your money and is your best bet for ankle weights in achieving your body and health goals. Get a pair now by clicking the widget below and experience the array of benefits that it has to offer! 🙂

Someone who’s more serious about weights and getting faster results!
Ankle Weights Set by Healthy Model Life (2×5 lb. Cuffs) – 10 lb. in total – Train Like A Model – At Home Workout Equipment for Slimming Thighs, Toning Glutes & More

For the newbie – Healthy Model Life Ankle Weights Set, 2 x 1 lb. Cuffs

It’s always a great feeling to finish off an effective workout that shows visible results.

Caribbean Sea, burn lots of calories fast

Caribbean Sea by D. Spinks / CC BY 2.0

dd belt by StromBer / CC BY 3.0

Twemoji by Ebrahim / CC BY 4.0

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10 Replies to “Ankle Weights by Healthy Model Life Review – Burn Lots of Calories Fast and Boost Your Endurance!

  1. Thanks for the great run down on ankle weights. I’ve been debating fitting these into my walking workouts more often lately just for the extra burn caused by them. I had heard they were really helpful, but I hadn’t realized how much impact they could have until now.

    I know you mentioned that you need to rest so you shouldn’t use these all the time. Would you say something like 3 walks a week would be ok?

    1. That would be fine! 🙂 I don’t think 3 walks a week with these will cause you harm. Ankle weights are generally safe for you if used properly. By properly, I mean not wearing them all day, everyday which is not good for the ankles and joints. You can definitely use this for workouts and walk for a couple of hours. You know your body well so follow your original instinct. If you’re in pain or don’t feel good about them, then use them less often. 🙂 Thank you!!!

  2. Great article, thanks so much for sharing. I’m considering getting some for walking – but see you mention that they are not suitable for an extended period of time. How long could a person where them when walking or running? I’ve never used them before, so what weight should I start with? Cheers, Karen

    1. I did say to not use it for an extended time but I think ankle weights are considered safe when used properly. By properly I mean not wearing them all day, every day. Use them for workouts, and walking or running for a few hours. You will feel if they’re helping or doing the opposite. Observe and I think you will be fine! You can start with 1 lb. (a package of bacon) if you’re not that comfortable with weights, or 5 lbs. (a bag of sugar) if you have experience with weights and know that you’re strong enough. 5 lbs. is evenly distributed around the ankle, and users said that it’s comfortable and not a hassle to move around with. You can order thru the widgets at the end of the post. Good luck and let me know when you’ve tried them! 😀

  3. Hi there,
    That was a very in-depth article. I didn’t see the price of the ankle weights I was too busy reading the article. How much were they again? Thanks for the post.

    1. You’re welcome! It’s $29.99 at the very top of the post. I do tend to write extensively even for product reviews. I just like putting out more information.. lol XD I’m just used to writing longer posts but I will try to keep the reviews shorter next time.. Order from Amazon and you’ll be backed by a FULL LIFETIME REPLACEMENT OR REFUND GUARANTEE of a VERY QUALITY PRODUCT! This is highly reviewed and one of the best in the market for ankle weights right now if not the best! 🙂

  4. What a great in depth article, I am a big runner and would highly recommend ankle weights to help boost any one performance. Before I started using them I thought that they would be very uncomfortable to wear but after you have been out with them for a couple of time your body no longer notices them but still increasing your performance.

    1. Good to know! :O 😀 What ankle weights were you using?? They seem to be of great quality if you can use them for running and be comfortable with them.. Healthy Model Life ankle weights are also a great choice! These are great for toning your legs and strengthening them while doing various exercises. It’s always nice to know other people’s experiences and thoughts. Good luck with your running!!! 😀

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