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“It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop.”

– Confucius


Hi! My name is Irischelle. I live in the island of VancouverIrischelle, schalazeal07 in British Columbia, born in the Philippines. Moved to BC when I was 21 with my dad and brother to reunite with my mom. I’m 27 years old (turning 28 soon) when I created this site (May 2017). Like you, I also became interested just recently in losing belly fat. One of my imperfections have always been my belly fat and I always thought that my tight high school skirts had a lot to do with it because I remember that my tummy was flat back in elementary. XD That’s me being young and not caring before but it’s much different now… I just got back to exercising again with the focus of losing my belly fat. I tried losing the unwanted belly bulge when I was younger with no success because I simply exercised and didn’t pay attention to my diet, lifestyle and stress management which are all key components to achieving any body goal. I became interested in this a lot just recently because I wanna feel extra great (in clothes) and sexier (who doesn’t? XD ), and health has been a big deal for me especially in the past 2 years or so (hypochondriac here! XD ). I’m lucky to have a good enough body but losing that extra bulge has been REALLY HARD!!

I wanna stress out that in achieving this goal, exercise, a good diet and effective stress management should be your main focuses no matter how busy you are because it’s not all about looking good but also feeling good from within, and having a peace of mind knowing that you’re able to accomplish anything with perseverance. I myself try to implement these in my everyday life as I have a busy schedule everyday and have been battling OCD which have been nagging me especially in the last years. But with time, consistency and dedication, you will reap the results and you’ll be more productive and focused in everything that you do as you become stronger and more fit mentally, emotionally and physically. Hopefully, I can be of great help to you, my reader, as I will be to myself since we have the same goal in mind. I will try my best to update the site regularly so please do visit! 😀

Thoughts, suggestions, questions or whatnot?? I welcome everything so feel free to leave any comments below if you find anything worth mentioning or worth talking about. I’d really appreciate it! Thanks!

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You can also contact me at schala@iwanttolosemybellyfatfast.com


And just my own foods for thought:

There’s nothing more fulfilling and rewarding than reaching your goals and dreams, and knowing that you are a better person today than yesterday. 🙂

Life is about getting better at everything no matter how hard and painful it is sometimes. The new person that you become and the experiences will be priceless and no amount of money can ever buy those or replace them. One day you will look back at everything with a smile, live in the present, and look at the future with courage and so much more wisdom and inspiration.


All the best to us in our journeys! 🙂

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Which path by M. Lehet / CC BY-ND 2.0

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